Nonreciprocity of spin waves in metallized magnonic crystal


The nonreciprocal properties of spin waves in metallized one-dimensional bi-component magnonic crystal composed of two materials with different magnetizations are investigated numerically. Nonreciprocity leads to the appearance of indirect magnonic band gaps for magnonic crystals with both low and high magnetization contrast. Specific features of the nonreciprocity in low contrast magnonic crystals lead to the appearance of several magnonic band gaps located within the first Brillouin zone for waves propagating along the metallized surface. Analysis of the spatial distribution of dynamic magnetization amplitudes explains the mechanism of dispersion band formation and hybridization between magnonic bands in magnonic crystals with metallization.

New Journal of Physics vol. 15 issue: 11 page: 113023
Ivan Lisenkov
Ivan Lisenkov
Research Data Scientist