Work Experience

Winchester Technologies

  • Development and production of magneto-electromechanical ultra-compact antennas

Jun 2018 — Oct 2018

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Northeastern University

  • Developed a theory of sub-THz frequency zero-bias ferrimagnetic spin-transfer torque oscillators
  • Developed a theory of a broad-class magneto-elastic sensors and antennas operating in the MHz-GHz frequency range -

Oct 2016 — Jun 2018

School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Oregon State University

  • Established a general theoretical formalism for the parametric generation and amplification of localized diplolar-exchange spin-waves by a magneto-elastic interaction.
  • Applied the developed theory to design of a magneto-acoustic analog correlator.
  • Developed an experimental technique for magneto-elastic parameters characterization based on a linear response theory.
  • Design of table-top RF experiments for thin magnetic film devices performance evaluation and characterization

Oct 2013 — Nov 2016

Department of Physics, Oakland University

  • Established a general theory of spin-wave excitations in confined arrays of magnetic nanodots with arbitrary dot shape and lattice symmetry. Formulated conditions of nonreciprocity of edge spin-wave modes in magnetic arrays. Developed an according computer code.
  • Formulated a theory of electromagnetic field interactions with arrays of thin magnetic elements and designed according computer code.
  • Explained experimental results of the nonlinear magnon interaction in the Bose-Einstein condensate of magnons
  • Explained recent phenomena in pure spin current flow through antiferromagnets. Developed a theory of THz generation in antiferromagnetic materials

Aug 2010 — Oct 2013

Kotelnikov Institute for Radio-engineering and Electronics of RAS

  • Established a multiple scattering theory for spin-waves spectra in magnonic crystals. Explained distinguishing features of the locally resonant and Bragg-type band gaps in magnonic crystals.
  • Developed a variation of a multipole expansion method for acoustic waves and applied the method to acoustic waves in microstructured optical fibers.
  • Formulated an effective medium theory for bulk and surface acoustic waves in microstructured metamaterials. Formulated conditions for a complex Doppler effect in acoustic metamaterials.